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2 September 2021
Advancing Policy & Mobilising Investment: The Eastern Caribbean Solar Challenge


We are at your disposal in case of any questions:

Individual Onboarding Support

Our team offers an individual onboarding support for event participants. Our onboarding advisors will assist you with:

  • the creation of your online business profile
  • the creation of marketplace offers and requests
  • the identification of meeting partners
  • the booking of meetings and
  • any other challenges that might occur during the registration and booking process

Sponsorship queries

If you are looking to position your company as a leader in the Eastern Caribbean DRE sector, consult our tailored sponsorship pack.

For further questions, contact Amanda Soler (a.soler@ruralelec.org) or Inès van Oldeneel (i.vanoldeneel@ruralelec.org).

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